Our Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Delay Foreclosure
In Any County, Including: Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County

In this challenging economy it is easy for hardworking people to get behind on their mortgage payments.  A sudden change in your life – such a losing a job or an illness in the family – can simply mean that you can no longer keep up with your house note.

In some situations you want to keep your home – and just need some time to get caught up on your payments. That is when having a bankruptcy lawyer file Chapter 13 can help. (CLICK HERE for more about Chapter 13)

In other situations, you may not want to keep your house. You may just want to stay in your home as long as possible – delaying the foreclosure – until you can make other living arrangements. That is when having a bankruptcy lawyer file Chapter 7 can help.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Delay Foreclosure in Wayne County

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers have helped hundreds of deserving clients in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County stay in their homes as long as possible before foreclosure by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for them.

While having your lawyer file Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not permanently prevent foreclosure, it can DELAY foreclosure proceedings for up to two to four more months. So – if you are thinking about giving up your home eventually – Chapter 7 can buy you a few months of extra time. Since you are NOT making mortgage payments during this delay, this can give you time to save up money for a down payment or security deposit – to gives you some time to find a new place in which to live.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Get Rid Other Debts in Wayne County

Another “angle” to Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that it CAN get rid of your other debts – including credit card & medical bills or judgments – and that can leave you with more money to start making your house payment again.

Also, having your bankruptcy lawyer file Chapter 7 CAN often eliminate the second or third mortgage debts (if you have them).  This accomplishes two things. First, getting rid of the second mortgage leaves you with more money to start making your house payment again. AND it also means that the lenders on the second and/or third mortgages can NOT foreclosure on your home and can NOT sue you.

If you are behind in your mortgage payments, or you are already facing foreclosure proceedings, please call our experienced bankruptcy lawyers immediately for a free consultation. We have helped hundreds of clients in Oakland, Macomb & Wayne County stop foreclosure with Chapter 13 or delay foreclosure with Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

But it is important that you do not wait. If you wait until after your house has gone to an auction (sheriff’s sale) it may then be too late to save your home!

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