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As experienced divorce attorneys, we understand that a divorce is a difficult time in your life – personally, emotionally & financially. We have helped hundreds of men and women in Oakland, Macomb & Wayne County get through their divorces – and successfully move on with a new and better chapter in their lives.

We are highly effective negotiators, and we will take every possible step to ensure that your rights are protected – and that you receive the best possible settlement in your divorce. We know the Wayne, Oakland and Macomb family law courts inside and out.  We will aggressively fight for your interests. And we will do everything possible to keep your legal costs down and work with you to arrange legal fees you can afford.

No Fault Divorce, Uncontested Divorce & Contested Divorce

Under Michigan law, every divorce is considered a “No Fault” divorce. This simply means that a divorce will be granted as long as one spouse wants the divorce – even if the other spouse does not want the divorce.

The term “Uncontested Divorce” refers to a divorce where one spouse files for divorce and the other spouse does not fight or “contest” the divorce. A “Contested Divorce” means that the parties cannot agree on the “terms” of the divorce – such as the division of property & assets.

Michigan Divorce Residency Requirements

In Michigan a divorce must be filed in the Circuit Court in the County where one (or both) of the parties live. When filing for divorce in Michigan, one of the parties must have lived in Michigan for at least 180 days. And, one of the parties must have lived for at least 10 days before filing in the County where the case will be filed.

“Waiting Period” Before a Divorce is Final

If the divorcing couple has minor children with each other, the waiting period before the divorce can be “final” is six months. If there are no children from the marriage that are under the age of 18, then there is only a 60-day waiting period (from the date of filing divorce) before the divorce will be final. However, the actual divorce can take much longer than these minimum “waiting periods” if the parties cannot agree on issues such as property division or spousal support (alimony).

Dividing Property & Assets in Michigan Divorce

If the parties cannot agree on all of the issues, the spouses’ attorneys will try to negotiate a “settlement” that is agreeable to both parties. If the attorneys cannot reach an agreement, then the parties will have to go before the Judge in a trial, and the Judge will make the final decisions.

Do I Need a Lawyer to File For Divorce?

There are many complicated steps involved in obtaining a divorce. The best way to ensure that you will obtain the property division, spousal support, child support, custody and visitation arrangement that you deserve, is to hire a highly experienced and skilled divorce lawyer to fight for your rights.

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