Our Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Stop Foreclosure
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No one plans to get behind on their house payments – but sometimes the money to pay your mortgage just isn’t there at the first of the month.  In this economy it is easy for hardworking people to experience a change in financial circumstances that is beyond their control- causing them to get behind on their house payments.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers have helped hundreds of good people in Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County save their homes from foreclosure. In fact, if you are behind on your mortgage payments, often, filing bankruptcy may be your only method to either delay or stop foreclosure.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Stop Foreclosure in Oakland County

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can allow a homeowner to keep their home & save it from foreclosure.

When your bankruptcy lawyer files Chapter 13, this will immediately stop any foreclosure actions. Then your bankruptcy lawyer works with the court and the lender to negotiate an opportunity for you to “get caught up” on your past due mortgage payments over time.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Repayment Plan Stops Foreclosure – Oakland County Lawyers

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy you don’t have to give up any property – including your house. Instead Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to get caught up on your debts through a manageable “re-payment plan”.

Chapter 13 Allows Lawyers to Stop Foreclosure Immediately -in Oakland County

When your bankruptcy lawyer files your Chapter 13, an “automatic stay” is immediately created. The “automatic stay” legally forces your mortgage company to stop pursuing any other collection actions against you – and prevents them from selling the house. As long as long as you continue to make your re-payment plan payments on time, this “automatic stay” will remain in effect.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Gets Rid of Home Equity Loans – Oakland County Lawyers

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can also use Chapter 13 to get rid of Home Equity Loans. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules allow a homeowner to “strip off” second mortgages, third mortgages, (in some situations) and other home equity lines of credit.

If you are behind in your mortgage payments, and/or you are already facing foreclosure action, please call our experienced bankruptcy lawyers immediately for a free consultation. We have helped hundreds of men and women in Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County stop foreclosure.

But it is important that you do not delay. If you wait until after the house has gone to a sheriff’s sale (auction) it may then be too late to save your home!

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