Oakland County Bankruptcy Attorneys

southfield bankruptcy attorneysOakland County Bankruptcy Attorney Danny A. Kallabat has been helping clients in Oakland County and Oakland County for almost two decades. He cares about his clients and fights aggressively to obtain the best possible results in every bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Attorney Danny A. Kallabat has helped hundreds of people in the Oakland County area get out from under debt through filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Oakland County Bankruptcy Super Lawyer Danny Kallabat

Oakland County bankruptcy attorney Danny Kallabat has been awarded Michigan Super Lawyer status – which is awarded to only the most skilled and experienced attorneys.

When you schedule a free consultation with our office,  an experienced bankruptcy attorney will carefully discuss all available options with you to make sure you understand your rights and receive the best possible results. we also are firmly committed to keeping your fees as reasonable as possible. We are dedicated to offering you you the highest quality of legal representation, while keeping your fees and costs as low as possible.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Oakland County

Our Oakland County bankruptcy attorneys have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy for thousands of deserving people who need a fresh start.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy we will show you how you can KEEP your car and personal property. And we will work to minimize the amount the other assets (if any) that must be sold to pay back your creditors.

If you have have little or no disposable income we can show you how to qualify for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you makes too much money to qualify for Chapter 7, we can help you file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, instead.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Oakland County

Chapter 13 is available to help  debtors who have steady earnings or wages, or other regular source(s) of income. In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you do not have to sell your  property to pay creditors, as you do in Chapter 7. Instead, you enter into a Payment Plan that allows you to reduce your debt(s), lower your payments & repay your creditors over time – usually a three to five year period.

In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you are also allowed to keep your home and all of your property. (with some very limited exceptions).

Oakland County bankruptcy attorney Danny Kallabat has shown thousands of men and women in Oakland County how to get back on their feet financially through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Affordable Oakland County Bankruptcy Attorneys

southfield bankruptcy attorneysOur bankruptcy attorneys understand that people who are filing bankruptcy don’t have much money or for attorney fees. We will offer a free consultation, you knowledgeable advice and skilled legal representation at low, affordable rates.

In almost every bankruptcy case, the small amount a person invests in a bankruptcy attorney ends up saving them thousands of dollars by eliminating debts &  lower payments!

Our Experienced Oakland County Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You

The only way to decide if filing Bankruptcy is right for your unique financial situation is to consult with an experienced Bankruptcy attorney. Our experienced Oakland County bankruptcy lawyers have helped thousands of clients. We can help you, too.

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