Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Stop or Delay Foreclosure
In Any County, Including: Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County

Getting behind on your mortgage is one of the most stressful situations that a person can face. Wondering where you and your family will live is something no one should have to go through.

Filing bankruptcy can completely stop a foreclosure. Bankruptcy can also be used to simply delay a foreclosure, in situations where you don’t want to keep the home. Additionally, bankruptcy can get rid of second & third mortgages and home equity lines of credit – which also puts a lot more money back in your pocket.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers have helped hundreds of clients save their homes – and get out from under the stress and worry of being behind on their mortgage payments.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Foreclosure – Wayne County Lawyers

Foreclosure & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Wayne County Lawyers

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically best for people who want to keep their homes – and just need some time to get caught up on mortgage payments.

When your lawyer files Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it immediately stops your lender’s foreclosure actions. Then your lawyer negotiates a manageable “payment plan” for you with the lender, which is approved by the court.

As long as long as you continue to make your re-payment plan payments on time, the mortgage company can take no foreclosure or collection action against you. And you can to “get caught up” on your past due mortgage payments over time.

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Foreclosure & Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Wayne County Lawyers

Having your bankruptcy lawyer file Chapter 7 does not permanently prevent foreclosure, but it can DELAY foreclosure for up to 2 to 4 months.

So – if you are thinking about moving out eventually – Chapter 7 can buy you a few months of extra time. And, because you are NOT making mortgage payments during this time, it can allow you to save up money for a down payment or security deposit – to gives you some time to find a new place in which to live.

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The best way to prevent or delay a foreclosure is to talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer immediately. Our skilled bankruptcy lawyers have helped thousands of clients in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County get back on their feet and out from under the worry of foreclosure.

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