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The primary purposes of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to discharge (“wipe out”) a person’s entire debt – giving an individual debtor a “fresh start.” A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case does not involve filing a Repayment Plan, like Chapter 13 does. When debts are eliminated or “discharged” in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy they are completely “wiped out” for good.

Our experienced, affordable bankruptcy attorneys have helped hundreds of men, women and married couples in Oakland, Macomb & Wayne County get out of debt by filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Who Can Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Attorney

An individual (or married couple) must have little or no disposable income to qualify for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If a person makes too much money, the Court may require them to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, instead of Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code also provides for “liquidation.” This means that the debtor’s property must be sold, and the money from the sale is used to pay back the debtor’s creditors. However, under Chapter 7, some of the debtor’s property – including a car and personal property – will be “exempt from liquidation”. This means you can KEEP your car and personal property.

Additionally, in many Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, the debtor often has little or no property, other than what is “exempt” (protected).  So, very often in Chapter 7 cases, there is not even liquidation of the debtor’s assets. These cases are called “no-asset cases” – because the debts are just “wiped out” – and that is the end of it!

Keeping Your Home in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wayne County

“Equity” in a home means that the value of the home is greater that the balance you owe on your mortgage or other home liens.

If you own a home that has no equity, then it is “safe” in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This means that you are allowed to KEEP your home, and it does not have to be sold to pay back creditors.

However, if you own a home with a lot of equity in it, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a better option for you.

No matter what you owe on your home, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will work with you to protect your rights, and ensure that you keep your house, car and personal property.

Debts that can NOT be Discharged in Bankruptcy  Attorney

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy usually results in a discharge of most debts. But a few limited types of debts are not “dischargable” in bankruptcy, including:

 • Most taxes;

 • Most student loans;

 • Most child support obligations;

 • Most liens on property.

The best way to understand if the debts you have can be discharged, is to call our experienced bankruptcy lawyers for a free consultation.

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The best way to determine whether filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is right for your specific personal situation is to consult with a qualified Bankruptcy attorney. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers have helped thousands of men and women eliminate their debts, and get the fresh start they deserve. We can help you, too.

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